Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kasumi Vol. 2

I love this series and this book was amazing i love all the main characters and this book is about Magical Girl Kasumi has a simple plan for high school: make new friends and fall in love. She’s already got the friends, her faithful fanboy Otaku Ken and the kindhearted Maiko. And she just might be in love with Ryuuki, the hottest guy in school. But fate has something a little more magical in store for Kasumi. Ryuuki seems to know her secret–and hints that he has a few secrets of his own. Kasumi unexpectedly becomes the object of another boy’s affections when the alluring “Feather Prince” declares his love for her, and then she discovers the secret behind her magical powers . . . from the mysterious being who holds the key to her amazing destiny! Includes special extras after the story!
Now i read this book in about 1 hour and i will tell you why Flash Back So we had to kill a little time so we the book lovers went to a book store and i sat there for an hour reading this book and then we got a call saying we could pick are dog up and at that point i had 10 pages to go so i finished it and we left. I loved this book.
I give this book a 9

In this book there are a lot of people so i cant name them all

Kasumi 2

by Surt Lim