Monday, May 31, 2010

Fruits basket Vol.2

I love this book so much and you get to read about it right now so here is what its about Ever since Tohru Honda discovered the Zodiac secret of the Sohma clan, her eyes have been opened to a world of magic and wonder. But with such a great secret comes great responsibility. When her best friends Hana-chan and Uo-chan come to the Sohma house for a sleepover, Tohru has her work cut out for her keeping the "Cat" in the bag and the "Dog" on a leash. I love the part were Uo-chan and Hana-chan go to the Sohma house. So i am going to say some stuff about the main Characters if i may.

Tohru Honda: The ever-optimistic hero of our story.An orphan,she now lives in Shigure's house,along with Yuki and Kyo,and the only person outside of family who knows the Sohma family's curse.
Yuki Sohma, the Rat: Soft-spoken. Self-esteem issues.At schooi he's called "Prince Yuki".
Kyo Sohma, the Cat: The cat who was left out of the Zodiac Hates Yuki, leeks and Miso. But mostly Yuki.
Shigure Sohma, the Dog: Enigmatic, mischievous and a little perverted. A popular novelist.

And so in all i give this book 10 stars.

Fruits Basket (Volume 2)

by Natsuki Takaya

Rated T for Teen 13+