Sunday, July 11, 2010


Oh my gosh this was one of the best manga i have ever read. this book is about THE INVISIBLE GIRL Kasumi is a special girl–and not just because she’s a super-cute high schooler with a heart of gold. She has a major secret: She can turn invisible when she holds her breath. But when she transfers to an elite private school, it gets harder to keep her superpowers secret, especially when she catches the eye of the handsome student-body president, Ryuuki, and becomes the target of his number one fan, mean girl extraordinaire Reina. Can Kasumi keep hiding who she really is? i really loved this book i read it 3 times in one day. i would give this book a 9 witch you should know that means Awesome!

Kasumi: i really liked this girl i give her 9 stars
Ryuuki: some people might not like him right away but i did i give him 8 stars

Kasumi - Volume 1

by Surt Lim