Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Afterschool Nightmare

Oh my gosh this i think this is the weirdest book every it just was it was about... You have just awakened to find your darkest, ugliest secret revealed to classmates who would do anything to destroy you. This is what's happened to Ichijou Mashiro, whose elite school education turns into the most horrifying experience of his life when he's enlisted by a mysterious school nurse to take an after-hours class. Only those who pass the class will graduate, and the only way for Mashiro to pass is to enter into a nightmare world... where his body and soul will be at the mercy of his worst enemies. Can Mashiro keep his life-long secret - that he is not truly a "he" nor entirely a "she" - or will he finally be "outted" in the most humiliating way possible? Well i didn't read the back of this book because it was so recommended that i just didn't i really should have it was i don't even have a word for it but i mean some people mite like it i just don't know but i do know i don't really know all the people so i give this book 4 stars in all.
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by Setona Mizushiro

Rated 16+