Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tokyo Mew-Mew

Okay the name and the cover look weird i didn't read it in till i read the back so when i got it i read it as soon as possible and i liked it a lot. it wasn't my favorite but i really liked it and it is about... An accident at a museum endows 11-year old Ichigo with the DNA of wildcats. Her new powers are put to the use when she is asked to join a secret group and is given the task of protecting the Earth from an unseen enemy. Yep that's what its about. I read manga fast but i read this book really fast it had a good plot. the main character can make me scream NO! but not all the characters some of them one of them her name is Mint i really like her character shes funny over all i really liked these books.
Now i will tell you how much i love all the characters.

Ichigo the main girl of the books shes 11 and i give her 7 stars
Mint i think shes my favorite i give her 8 stars
Lettuce is really cool i think i will give her a 7 as well
And the books over all is a 8

and more to come as you go.

Tokyo Mew-Mew, Book 1/ Mew Mew to the Rescue (v. 1)

by Mia Ikumi, Reiko Yoshida, Ikoe Hiroe

Rated Y for Youth 7+